Rand McNally GPS

Update Rand McNally Truck GPS In The Blink Of An Eye

Rand McNally Truck GPS

 Update Rand McNally Truck GPS In The Blink Of An Eye

It is important that users keep the Rand McNally Truck GPS devices updated and install all the maps and software updates whenever available. 

Update via Rand McNally Dock Software 

If your Truck GPS device supports Rand McNally Dock software, follow the given steps to install the latest updates. 

  • Link the GPS device to the computer

The starting step is to connect your truck GPS device with the computer. For that, you have to take the USB cable that comes with your device, check the cable and ensure it is not damaged. Insert one end of the USB cable into the computer port and another end into the device. 

  • Open the pre-installed Rand McNally Dock application

Now, locate the Rand McNally Dock app on the computer and open it. Instantly, the main screen of the application will launch. Here you will see the Map Update Available icon. Click on it and if there are any latest and recent updates available, it will show you on the screen. 

  • Click on the Begin Download Icon

Now, the estimated time, the number of files to be downloaded and estimated download size information will be displayed on your screen. The mentioned disk space must be available on your computer. To download, click on the given right-arrow icon and wait patiently. 

  • Install Map Update

Now, it will show you the Install Map Update window. Also, you will be provided with an option to install the update now or at any time. Assure that you should not disconnect the GPS device in between the installation process. So to install the map update immediately, click on the Install Update icon and wait till the program installs all the files completely. Also, all the maps will be transferred to your GPS device automatically. 

  • Disconnect the Device

Now, close the Rand McNally Dock application. Also, detach the USB cable from your system and GPS device. 

Update via GPS Device

Some truck devices like TND 540, TND 740, TND Tablet 70, TND Tablet 80 do not support Rand McNally Dock software. These devices directly update via Wifi. Hence, look at the given procedure. 

  • Connect your device to the Wifi

First of all, you have to connect your device to a stable Wifi network and make sure that it is working properly. Also, it is recommended that you plug the device to the charger so that the device will not shut down while performing the download and installation process. 

  • Tap “Go to system updates”

If your device needs an update, you will see a notification on the main screen of your Truck GPS stating “Important Updates Available”. To continue with the update process, tap on Go to the system updates tab. If the notification is not displayed, you can tap on the Update icon on the home screen and then tap “Check for Updates”. 

  • Install all the available updates

Now, the updates available window will be shown on your screen. Here you will see all the software and map updates with the required space(MB). At the bottom of the screen, you will see Install All Updates tab, tap on it. Wait till all the updates are installed. When “Your system is up to date” window appears, restart your device. 

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