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How to Update Rand McNally TND 740?

Rand McNally TND 740

Rand McNally is known for providing innovative technologies for over 160 years. It is an American-based company that presents users with highly advanced GPS devices. The Rand McNally TND 740 is a truck GPS that offers the essential tools to reach their destination easily. It comes with the highly-advanced features like GPS Vehicle Navigation System, Free Lifetime Map Updates, 7” HD Vibrant Display, and many more.  

However, all the users are advised to update their Rand McNally regularly to get access to the device’s new features. Therefore, to make it easier for all the users, we’ve listed the steps to update the Rand McNally TND 740.

Essentials required to update the Rand McNally TND 740

All the users are required to arrange the following essentials to update their device without any interruption. Therefore, follow the steps given below to get your system ready to initiate the update procedure:-

  • To make sure that the update procedure does not get interrupted, make sure that the tablet is plugged into the charger.
  • Also, ensure that a trusted and high-speed wireless device is connected to the Rand McNally TND 740.

TND 740 Update Procedure

Once the users have fulfilled all the requirements, they can move ahead to the main process to download and install the latest update. Moreover, the users must remember that TND 740 is a tablet GPS device. Therefore, the Rand McNally Dock Application cannot be used to install its updates. Updating the Rand McNally TND 740 only requires an internet connection. Moreover, the users must implement the steps given below to update their device successfully:-

  • Once the users are done connecting the device with a wireless connection, update alerts regarding the GPS device will start coming.
  • Now, click on the “Go” button.
  • Note: if any user doesn’t get an alert message on the screen, they are suggested to check for the update icon on their device’s home screen. Moreover, if the update icon has a red dot on it, then it indicates that the update is available. 
  • Thereafter, users are suggested to click on the “Check for Update” option located next to the update icon. 
  •  Once the window containing the update details appear on the screen, the user can easily install them by clicking the install button. 
  • After that, the installation procedure gets started.  
  • Then, the users are suggested to follow the on-screen prompts to complete the Rand McNally Update procedure. 
  • Note: all users are suggested not to close the window during the update as it will stop the update procedure. 
  • Once the installation procedure gets completed, the TND 740 device will get updated successfully.  

After completing the update procedure, the users can go to the home screen and reopen the Rand McNally TND 740 device to have a good experience with their GPS services.


In this write-up, we explained all the necessary details and gave step-by-step guidance to update the Rand McNally TND 740. We hope that after implementing all the above-mentioned steps, the users will be able to easily update their devices. 

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