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Rand McNally not Recognizing Device while Loading Dock Software

rand mcnally dock software

Rand McNally not Recognizing Device while Loading Dock Software

What is the Rand McNally Dock?

Rand McNally is an application that is necessary to install for upgrading your Car GPS, Truck GPS, and RV GPS devices. By connecting your GPS devices with this software you can install all the new map updates without paying an additional cost. But there are certain situations when the Dock software shows you an error while detecting the GPS device. Hence, this guide provides you all the possible troubleshooting methods that will help you in resolving the issue. 

  • Inspect the USB Cable

If the Rand McNally Dock software fails to detect your GPS device, it could be possible that your device is not properly connected to the computer. In that case, you should check the USB cable and ensure that it is not damaged or faulty from any of the ends. If the cable doesn’t look fine, you should take a new and appropriate cable. Then, fit it into the ports of the computer and device. 

  • Uninstall and Reinstall the Dock Software

There is a possibility that your software gets corrupted and failure to recognize the device. In such a situation, you have to reinstall the software. So, firstly uninstall it from your computer. Open the Control Panel and you will see a section of Programs. Click on Uninstall a Program and select the Rand McNally Dock software from the list. Right-click on it and click Uninstall. 

To Reinstall: 

    • Go to randmcnally.com/dock and you will see the download link for different OS versions. 
    • Select the desired option and “Downloading” status will be shown on your screen.  
    • Run the software file and accept the License Agreement. 
    • It will ask you to choose the drive where you intend to save the software. 
    • After drive selection, the installation window will come into view. Click on the Install button. Launch the software and check whether it is recognizing the device or not. 
  • Run Diagnostic & Repair

If the Dock software is still unable to recognize your device, you should repair the software. Doing so will eliminate all the software-related issues instantly. 

    • Ensure that your GPS device is paired perfectly with your computer. Also, the system must get good internet speed. 
    • Launch the Dock software and click on the Settings & Maintenance icon from the main interface. 
    • Now, you will see two separate sections namely “Settings” and “Maintenance”. 
    • Drag your cursor and put it on the Diagnostic & Repair option which is given under the Maintenance section. 
    • You will arrive at the repair window. Click on the right-arrow Begin Diagnostic icon. 
    •  Now, you will see the estimated time with the number of files to be checked on your screen. 
    • The repair process will take some time and you have to wait till all the issues get detected successfully. 
    • If any software issues are discovered, the Dock will give you an option to repair the corrupted files. 
    • Hence, click on the Repair icon and stay on the same window till all the damaged files get replaced with their original version. 
  • Reset the GPS Device

It may be possible that there is some problem with your GPS device. In such a case, you should reset the device by holding the power button and home button together. 

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