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How to install Rand Mcnally Dock Software?

install Rand Mcnally Dock

How to Install Rand Mcnally Dock Software?

Rand McNally Dock is a software designed to make it easy for the users to keep their navigation device up-to-date with the latest software and maps. Its innovative technology and user-friendly interface will help them to enjoy the GPS device at its best. For more information about downloading and installing the application, see the information given in this article.

Get Descriptive Steps to Install Rand McNally Dock Software on Your Computer System

  • Check your system’s compatibility

The first move is to verify and ensure that your computer system is compatible with the Rand McNally Dock software. For checking the compatibility, you must fulfill all the requirements before you commence the process. System requirements such as supported internet browsers, windows or Mac operating system with valid versions, 8 GB hard disk space, and all other requirements. 

  • Download the Rand McNally Dock Software

Once you are sure that your system is compatible, you can begin with the download process. To access the download link, you have to visit the required web page. In order to reach there, enable an internet browser and use the “randmcnally.com/dock” URL. This URL will take you to the download window. Here, you will find the download links for different operating systems and their versions. Make the selection as per your requirements and click the link. As soon as you click the link, the setup file will start downloading. After waiting for a few minutes, the file will get downloaded successfully.  

  • Install the application

After the successful completion of the download process, you can move ahead to the installation process. This requires you to double-click the setup file followed by providing the required permissions. Once you are done granting the permissions, you will get the installation wizard on your screen. Start by clicking the “Next” tab and then read the license agreements. Next, you have to accept and agree to them by tick marking the acceptance checkbox. Afterwards, select the location to save the file and choose the desired language for the wizard and application. 

In the middle of the process, you will be asked to form a connection between the computer system and the Rand McNally device. Once you are done following all the instructions, you can end the process by clicking the “Finish” tab. After completion of the process, you can start using the Rand McNally dock application. 

Issues That Might Hinder The Rand McNally Dock Installation Process

There are several installation errors that you might get while you are performing the installation process. It is common to have such errors. However, it is much needed to fix these errors to enjoy a smooth installation process. To help you out with the errors, you must try following the below-given troubleshooting methods. After you are done performing one method, you must check if error is resolved or not. If not, then move to another one. 

  • Recheck the file you have downloaded. This file must be compatible with your operating system and its version. 
  • Check the system and device connection. All the wires and cables must be fixed properly. 
  • Try running Rand McNally diagnostic and repair tool
  • Restart your Rand McNally device by turning it off and after a wait of a few minutes turn it on again.
  • Check and ensure that your computer system must be connected with a high-speed internet connection until the installation gets completed. 

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