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GPS technology is the recent-most innovation that has truly impacted all aspects of our day-to-day life. From smartphones to space exploration, weather forecast to crime solutions; it has penetrated deep into human society. In short, it has seamlessly integrated into modern life. However, this advantageous technology suffers a major setback. This brilliant mobility technology fails to serve its purpose in the absence of accuracy and reliability. This, in turn, demands frequent updates of software and maps. This is a time-consuming process which can be overwhelming for the users. Therefore, a simple and convenient process for Rand McNally GPS update has been developed by the manufacturer of Rand McNally GPS devices.   

How To Receive Rand McNally GPS Update?

Rand McNally is an industry leader in innovative GPS location technology. It provides an extensive range of avant-garde and ingenious products that seamlessly integrate state-of-the-art GPS technology. Their outstanding products showcases a perfect blend of convenience and sophistication. In short, they have completely transformed the navigation segment with their research-centric engineering and innovative excellence. 

While it is true that GPS-enabled technology solutions are dependent upon complicated, time-consuming updates. Besides, these updates must be installed on a frequent basis. This can be extremely frustrating for users who purchase these gadgets to save their time and efforts. However, Rand McNally is globally applauded for its user-centric approach and ease of operations. In continuation of this tradition, it ensures that the procedures of regular updates should be kept as simple and convenient as possible. In other words, Rand McNally GPS update eliminates lengthy and complex procedures for hassle-free user experience. 

As a result, wherever possible, Rand McNally update are installed automatically on connecting to the WiFi. However, some of the devices require a straightforward manual process. The manual process can be easily completed with the help of an interactive, fun interface called Dock.

rand mcnally gps update

Rand McNally GPS Update Through Dock

Rand McNally GPS updates are essential for the optimized performance and accuracy of the powerful GPS navigation device. Some of these technological geniuses from Rand McNally requires manual update through a desktop application called Dock.  

Users can easily update their GPS device by following a simple step-by-step guideline explained below. However, it is crucial to consider certain pre-requisites before proceeding for the updates. These are essential to ensure smooth and hassle-free updates in no time. 

  1. Rand McNally GPS Update requires a strong, high-speed internet connection. Therefore, you must have a high-speed internet connection, preferably a broadband connection with a LAN cable.  Moreover, you must also ensure that the connection stays uninterrupted for the entire length of the process. 
  2. At the same time, you will also need the Rand McNally Dock to get Rand McNally GPS Update. The Dock is a complimentary support application for users to simplify maintenance of their GPS devices. This free of cost software can be easily installed on any Windows or Mac computer.
  3. Additionally, first-time users must register their device at Dock in order to receive the updates. This is a simple process that requires some basic information. It hardly takes a few minutes. 
  4. Above all, you must connect your device to a charger to avoid any interruptions during the process. 

Get Rand McNally Dock

Rand McNally Dock is a free of cost desktop utility application available for users of all the Rand McNally gadgets. It is an intuitive, user-friendly management console that facilitates complete management of their devices. This brilliant solution supports users in maintaining their sophisticated devices in excellent health. It enriches the user experience with flawless performance.

Rand McNally GPS Update becomes surprisingly convenient and effortless with this intuitive solution. Moreover, it is extremely simple and easy to deploy this wonderful application. In order to install this application, you will need a stable, high-speed internet connection. Besides that, you must ensure that your computer meets the specified system requirements for Dock. Now, follow the given set of instructions to get the Dock on your computer. 

  1. First of all, turn on your GPS device. Then, plug-in the device to your computer using a USB cable.
  2. Now, open an internet browser on your system and go to “randmcnally.com/dock”.
  3. This window provides you with “Download Links” for Windows and Mac. Hence, click on the “Download Link” specified for your OS.
  4. As a result, it will start downloading the setup file. Now, wait for the process to complete. 
  5. Next, you should locate and open the downloaded Setup File by clicking on it.
  6. Thereafter, click “Run”.
  7. Subsequently, click “Next” on the “Welcome” window.
  8. Now, click “I Agree” after reading the “Software License Agreement”. 
  9. Then, click “Next”.
  10. Now, follow on-screen instructions if any and finally, click on “Install”.
  11. Thereafter, wait for the process and click “Finish” once completed.
  12. At last, restart your computer. 

Register Your Device

First time Rand McNally GPS Update involves an additional step. In other words, you must register your device at the Dock as soon as you receive it after the purchase. It is a crucial process that allows you to access updates and other details specific to your Rand McNally model. 

Registering the device with the Dock is a quick and convenient process free from the hassle of lengthy, time-consuming procedures and irrelevant details.

  1. To begin with, connect your device to a power source and charge it completely. In addition to that, you can even keep your device “Plugged in” to the Power Adapter to ensure an uninterrupted process.
  2. Now, turn on your GPS device. As a result, it will take you to the Main Menu Screen of the device. 
  3. Simultaneously, you should also turn on your computer. 
  4. Next, connect your computer to the internet. 
  5. Then, connect your GPS device to your computer by means of a USB cable. Here, you should use the same USB cable that comes with the device in the package.
  6. Consequently, it will automatically detect the device and connect to it.
  7. As such, your GPS device screen will display its status as “Connected”.
  8. Meanwhile, it will automatically initialize the Rand McNally Dock on your computer screen.
  9.  Thereafter, you will get the user interface of the Dock. Its “Welcome” window will prompt you to Register your GPS device.
  10. Subsequently, it will prompt you to provide certain basic information.
  11. To begin with, you will have to enter your first and last name. Then, provide your “Complete Address” in the fields specified for Address, City, State, Zip Code, etc. Additionally, you should enter your “Phone Number”. Moreover, it requires the “Serial Number” of your device. 
  12. Finally, click on the “Submit” icon.
  13. As a result, you will get a pop-up box. It will provide you with a confirmation message for registration of your device. 
  14. At last, click “OK”.

Rand McNally GPS Update

  1. First of all, dismantle your GPS device from your car or automobile. 
  2. Now, connect your device to a power source and charge it completely. In addition to that, you can even keep your device “Plugged in” to the Power Adapter to ensure an uninterrupted process.
  3. Now, turn on your GPS device and accept the terms when prompted. As a result, it will take you to the Main Menu Screen of the device. 
  4. Simultaneously, you should also turn on your computer. 
  5. Next, connect your computer to the internet. 
  6. Then, connect your GPS device to your computer by means of a USB cable.
  7. Consequently, it will automatically detect the device and connect to it.
  8. As such, your GPS device screen will display its status as “Connected”. Another key point to consider is that the device will remain in the “Connected” mode throughout the process. However, at times, you may face difficulty in establishing this connection. In other words, the display screen of the device doesn’t show the “Connected” status. Therefore, you should try to locate and rectify this issue.

Rectify Connection Issue

  • First and foremost, you should confirm that the connecting USB cable is securely plugged into both the device and the computer. If not. Then, restore the connection. Additionally, you can even try to disconnect and reconnect the device for establishing the link.
  • This should resolve the issue. However, if the problem continues. Then, turn around the device to locate the Rest button.  Now, press the Rest button while ensuring the device is still connected to the computer.
  • In spite of this, if the issue persists. Then, disconnect the device from the computer. Thereafter, wait for at least 10 seconds. Now, reconnect the device to your computer. However, this time you should use another USB port of the computer.
  • In case if that also fails. Then, disconnect the device and restart your computer. Thereafter, once again reconnect the device. 
  • At last, if all the above options fail to establish a link between the device and your computer. Then, you are left with this option. In short, you should Reinstall the Device Driver. For this,  open the Device Manager on your computer. Here, you must note that accessing this control depends on your OS. In short, the process to open the Device Manager varies with the OS. On the Device Manager window, search the Universal Serial Bus Controllers. On its left, you will notice an arrow or a triangle. Hence, click on it. Consequently, it will expand the drop-down menu. This will present you with a list of items. One of them will be the “Unknown Device”.  Another key point to remember is that this item will appear only in case if the issue is because of the device driver. Therefore, right-click on “Unknown Device”. Thereafter, select Uninstall. Finally, restart your computer. Meanwhile, the device must remain connected to the computer.
  1. Meanwhile, it will automatically initialize the Rand McNally Dock on your computer screen.
  2.  Thereafter, you will get the user interface of the Dock. Here, you will see a few options for various functions. Among the, you should look for “Available Updates”. In other words, look for a green-coloured icon with a diagonal arrow sign. This icon will be highlighted in case if you have updates available for downloading. Alternatively, in case if there are no updates available. Then, this icon will appear in grey colour. Hence, click on the arrow icon if it is green and highlighted.
  3. As a result, the following window will display a list of all the updates available for the connected device and its map. 
  4. Now, click on GPS updates from this list. Another key point to consider is that Rand McNally GPS Update is usually available on a monthly, incremental, and annual basis. This implies that you should check for updates at least once a month. 
  5. The following window will display another green highlighted arrow icon. This icon will read “Begin Download”. Hence, click on it to initiate the Rand McNally GPS Update downloading process.
  6. Subsequently, wait for the downloading process to complete. 
  7. Meanwhile, the Dock will keep you posted with the status of this process on your screen.
  8. Thereafter, it will display a confirmation message.
  9. The subsequent window will provide you with another highlighted arrow to transfer the downloaded updates to your device for installation. Here, you must remember that this process can be completed even without the internet. Hence, click on the “Transfer” tab. 
  10. Now, wait for the transfer to complete properly. Once the transfer is done and updates are installed properly on your device.  Then, the Dock will notify the same.
  11. After that, click on the “Back” button to go back to the Home window. 
  12. Finally, disconnect your device and restart it. 

The above-mentioned set of instructions will keep your Rand McNally GPS up-to-date in excellent health. Besides keeping the device updated with technical innovations. These updates are also essential for their security. In short, Rand McNally GPS Update ensures unbeatable performance and enhanced user experience.